Leadership Approach

A focus on action, impact, and strategic change

Every organization is unique. Howard’s approach is customized to build on each organization’s key strengths by drawing on and harnessing its knowledge and experience. The objective is not to build dependency but to maximize the impact of the organization’s people. 

Non-financial targets are critical. Howard works with Boards and senior leadership teams to assess and develop the organization’s human capital in line with strategic demands. An effective human capital strategy must align the organization’s business strategy and its behaviors in meeting the needs of customers and the demands of the market. Howard helps leaders focus on what is really critical in that regard so that they can meet targets with efficiency. 

Leaders must do more than just manage other managers today.

In order to develop, retain and get the most from key people, a leader also needs to be an effective coach. Howard provides leaders with coaching skills that enable them to meet the challenges of a workforce that often feels it knows more than the leader does. 

Organizations must leverage their leadership strengths to compete effectively. Howard works with senior leaders and leadership teams to raise their levels of performance from good to excellent by focusing on business demands. 

Integrated, mutually supportive solutions

Too often, organizations are unaware of the people or strategy issues that are blocking it from moving at the pace and direction necessary. Howard works with organizations to optimize performance by understanding the context of individual and team dynamics.

Best case scenario, organizational solutions are integrated and mutually supportive. Howard’s major initiatives function as a master plan to reach the organization’s long-term goals.  

Tomorrow’s leaders must be selected today. Howard works with Boards and CEOs to determine successor possibilities and develop gameplans to position candidates for future success.